New Facility Covid-19 Guideline updates:

  • We are currently operating at normal facility hours. 

  • We are open to all Vincennes YMCA Members. Paid day passes are now available for purchase but with a daily limit based on facility capacity. We are accepting YMCA members from other YMCA facilities. Children 12 and above allowed to use facility without adult supervision. 

  • Child Watch area will be OPEN. Monday through Saturdays 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, and 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm on Monday Thru Thursdays. (MAX CAPACITY OF 10 CHILDREN)

  • Group Exercises Classes will be offered with limited space to allow for social distancing. Must be booked through online App. (GET IT HERE) For any questions please contact Rebecca Richardville at: 

  • Currently masks are not required for entrance to the Y. We kindly ask if you are sick to please stay home. Masks are encouraged if you are not vaccinated, but not required. 


• Both gymnasiums
• Lap Pool
• Warm Therapy Pool
• Weight Room
• Cardio Room• Walking Track
• Men’s Genesis Center (Lockers, showers, hot tub and sauna)
• Women’s Genesis Center (Lockers, showers and restrooms, hot tub and sauna)
• Locker Rooms


1. Vulnerable Employees and Members – Those 65 and over and individuals with identified high-risk medical conditions are particularly vulnerable to corona virus. This vulnerable population is STRONGLY encouraged to stay at home.

2. Active encouragement of regular hand-washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, particularly at key times. Hand sanitizer of at least 60 percent alcohol will be available if soap and water are not available. Signs will be located in all restrooms and throughout the facility.

3. Sick individuals will not be permitted entrance into our Y facility. We recommend that all members and staff who are symptomatic remain home.

4. 6-foot social distancing will be maintained throughout the entire building.                                                                                                                       

5. All water fountains will be closed. Guests will be encouraged to bring their own drinks and towels.         

6. Workplace cleaning plans will be put in place.         

7. Facility Plans for Positive COVID-19 Cases – The YMCA of Vincennes will comply with our local health department and follow CDC guidelines to monitor COVID-19 cases and deep clean our facility.


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o Gyms: 25 people per gym.
o Pools: 32 people Max in the Lap Pool. 13 people Max in the Warm Therapy Pool. 
o Cardio Room: Max of 12 people in cardio room practicing social distancing and using every other machine. (Machines will be marked off.)
o Weight Room: Max of 25 people allowed. Social distancing enforced along with cleaning of equipment. No spotting allowed. Individual workouts only.
o Walking Track: Max of 20 members only. Social distancing enforced. No runners allowed on track during the first 2 weeks.
o Social Areas (Snack areas and Lobby): Social distancing will be enforced. Any tables in the areas will be spaced apart and will have limited seating to comply with social distancing practices.

• New signage will be available directing members through the new check-in process.
• Separate entrance and exit areas will be sectioned off for ease of checking in or out of the facility.
• Access to the facility will be monitored and members and staff will be screened upon entering the building. 
• Visual cues will be used to separate those waiting in line (e.g., tape on the floor)
• Front Desk staff will be required to wear masks when required by the county.
• Touch-less payment systems will be encouraged and used as much as possible. Hand sanitizer will be available.
• 6-foot social distancing will be maintained throughout the building.

Bettye J. McCormick Senior Center Guidelines

The long-awaited re-opening is upon us. if you are like me, you can’t wait to get back and return to a somewhat normal routine. Well, we have great news. The YMCA Bettye J. McCormick Center is moving toward a three-phase reopening beginning on June 1, 2020.

In this three-phase program, the adult day service center will open first. Thirty days later (July 1), the congregate site (those who are more mobile in the community) will return and thirty days after that we will open the facility for visitors.

There will be some changes to our daily programming for at least the first two months after re-opening. Below is a list of some of the things that you may find different:

• All persons coming to the center will be pre-screened at the door. If you have a temp over 99.9 or are showing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19, you will not be allowed in the building. A call will be made to your caregiver for pick up. So, if you are not feeling well, we advise you stay home until you are feeling better.
• Staff will wear appropriate PPE while working in proximity with clients.
• You will not be required to wear a mask, but please feel free to if you want to.
• No outside bags will be allowed in center at this time.
• No outside drink containers will be allowed in the center. We will supply disposables for all meals and drinks.
• Public water fountains and drink stations will be closed. Coffee, tea and water will always be on hand for the clients. Served by staff only.
• Main auditorium will be open at specific times with only 4 persons to a table. Auditorium will be closed at 1 daily for deep cleaning.
• Social distancing will be maintained in common areas and hallways.
• Clients will be in one of three distinct groups with a designated staff who will assist you in activities that will be staggered to reduce contact and help with the sanitizing process.
• During this time and until further notice roaming throughout the building will be prohibited due to the stringent sanitizing procedure in place. Some areas such as the computer room, exercise, theater will either be closed or open only with your designated staff.
• Frequent hand-washing and sanitizing will be encouraged.
We hope you will work with us as we work together to keep everyone happy and healthy.

Nola Davis, Director