If you have not already, please visit a Front Desk Associate at the Welcome Center Desk to get your photo taken for your new key fob, and be sure to sign our facility waiver. 

Download the YMCA Member App created by EGym to enhance your member experience. The YMCA of Vincennes Member App lets you…

  • Digital Membership Card: A digital membership card is available within the app that allows members to check in using their mobile phone.
  • Schedule your spot in Group Exercise Classes *Note: Space is limited for social distancing during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • View the daily schedule of Group Fitness classes, Aquatics Classes,  Lap Swim, Therapy Pool Swim and more!
  • Wearable App Integrations: Connect your smartwatch or fitness wearable to the new app. Once connected, device connections automatically send data to our app.
  • Get important update notifications sent from our facility about programs, holiday hours, special events and more!
  • Workout Tracking: A new feature called XCapture collects time, distance and calorie information from a photo of any cardio screen. Manual entry of workout data in and outside of the YMCA of Vincennes is also available.
  • Fitness Challenges: Participate in a variety of fitness challenges created for our members. Foster friendly competition among your fellow friends and members.
  • Biological Age: Holistic health and fit overview of our members. This is a single benchmark based on how fit, enduring and strong you are. This enables your own personalized fitness journey at the YMCA of Vincennes. The simple self-assessment instantly measures results.
  • Activity Levels: Measures your activity in levels based on workout tracking and also tells you what each level means for your health.
  • Facility Rankings: Monthly based facility ranking evaluates how hard each member fights to achieve their fitness goals.
  • Activity Feed: Members can view other members’ workouts and applaud and give encouragement to other members. This gives our members a platform to get to know each other and reinforce a positive environment.





We are here to help you achieve your goals, and a great way to get started is with Personal Training. CLICK HERE FOR RATES AND TO LEARN MORE!

• Unlimited group exercise classes and aqua classes
• Child care in our Child Watch Area while you work out (if the child is on membership)
• Reduced program fees on YMCA sports and programs 
• Nationwide Membership giving you access to Ys across the country
• Complimentary mobile app with access to workouts, challenges, goal tracking, Y Rewards and more!
• Events and in-house health fairs on various health topics
• Swimming pools open year-round or seasonally

You are important. We care about you. All are welcome. We want you and your experience to be exceptional.
We will help you achieve more.
• You will be warmly welcomed and treated respectfully at all times
• You will feel safe and well-cared for while in the Y
• The Y’s grounds, building and equipment will be clean and safe
• Y staff will personify the Y’s mission and “walk the talk”
• You will be the main priority of professional, well-trained and friendly staff
• Y staff will be visible and readily available to you
• Your opinions are welcome, and your inquiries will be addressed in a timely manner
• Information regarding programs and services will be accurate and up to date
• You will belong to a cause-driven, charitable organization that transforms lives