This step by step tutorial will show you how to book a group exercise class for the YMCA of Vincennes

How to Book a Group Exercise Class

Download the App HERE

Step One: 

Open your new YMCA Member App. At the bottom you will see three graphics: Community, Workouts, and Progress. SELECT WORKOUTS at the bottom. (The Shoe Icon)

Step Two:

Click the Pink button at the bottom that says “Find a Class”


Step Three:

You will see the list of available classes you can book. To the right of each class it will tell you how many spots are available for that specific class. Click the class you want to book.


Step Four: 

This view will show you the date and time of the class, instructor, description, and spots left. Click the BLUE button on the bottom to book the class.

Step Five:

You have successfully booked your first class! You can click the add reminder to give yourself a reminder before your class starts. If for some reason you cannot make the class, it is as easy to hit the Cancel Booking button at the bottom. 



If you have any other questions please contact Rebecca Richardville at: Visit our App page and view our new member app video!