Join the YMCA for a FREE Virtual Easter Egg Hunt! April 1st – April 12th, 2020

How it Works

Every day an Easter egg will be hidden on our website. It’s up to you to find it! Use our easy online form to tell us where it is. The more detailed description the better. Each day from April 1st to April 12th, we will hide another egg! Start hunting eggs any time during this event. Eggs will be left on the website for you to find.  Keep a special look out for the Golden Egg. The first participant to find it wins a special prize! 


Below the egg is has been found on our website’s home page. You could report this as: Egg found on home page under the 2020 Annual Campaign Underway heading/text and next to the scan into the Y with our mobile app picture. See below:
This picture shows a possible location of an easter egg on our website

Example web-page with hidden Easter egg.

Submit this information using our easy online form and your done! That easy. We keep track of all of your eggs for you. 
Not all the eggs will be as easy to find like the above picture. This is a hunt! Our WHOLE website is your hunting grounds. Click the button below to register online today!