2010.05_0125_34_hrNurturing the potential of every child and teen

We believe the values and skills learned early on are vital building blocks for life. Because of the Y, more young people in neighborhoods around our community are taking a greater interest in learning and making smarter life choices.

Child Care & Camp

With so many demands on today’s families, parents need all the support they can get. That’s why child care at the Y is about more than looking after kids. It’s about nurturing their development by providing a safe place to learn foundational skills, develop healthy, trusting relationships and build self-reliance through the Y core values.

Education & Leadership

The Y cares about kids. The Y cultivates leaders. The Y creates opportunities for kids to contribute to their communities. From tutoring to leadership to volunteerism, our Y gives children a safe place to call their own and a chance to connect with positive role models and adults who care about them.

Swim, Sports & Play

The Y is the starting point for many kids to learn about becoming and staying active, and developing healthy habits they’ll carry with them throughout their lives. And the benefits are far greater than just physical health. Whether it’s gaining the confidence that comes from learning to swim or building the positive relationships that lead to good sportsmanship and teamwork, participating in sports at the Y is about building the whole child, from the inside out.



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