Curt Coffman, Tracey Johnson and I went to Kelso Creek to find bugs and fish for a presentation at Camp Green. We had to wear waders and rubber gloves for safety.


To find bugs, we went along the vegetation in the water and took our net and moved it around and scraped it along the bottom of the creek. We didn’t find many, but we did find a dragonfly in the juvenile stage of its life, most of which it spends in the water.

To catch fish, we used an electrometer, which shocks the fish so they are easier to collect observe. Only professors and researchers with proper certification may use an electrometer. Don’t worry – the fish are fine.

After finding fish and bugs, we put them into containers and headed to the YMCA Camp. Curt talked about the dragonflies and the various fish we found in the creek. He also brought a turtle from home for the kids to see and touch.The kids had lots of questions and there were a few shrieks of excitement when holding the fish.



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